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Cariboo Country Night
BBQ Steak Dinner
Western Music
Cowboy Poetry

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Our Annual

Cariboo Country Night

Second Saturday in September
September 10th, 2016

         This will be
           the 17th
              annual !!

  • Happy Hour Entertainment
  • BBQ Steak Dinner
  • Cowboy Poetry
  • Western Music
  • Licenced Bar
  • Dance with a live band
  • Tickets only $25
  • Bovine Bingo
  • Good Ol' Fashion' Fun!

Academy of Western Artists award winning Tammy Gislason
Academy of Western Artists
award winning Tammy Gislason
from Innisfail, Alberta

The 2003 Cariboo Country Night Band
Every year we bring in new faces as performers. Pictured above is the 2003 Cariboo Country Night Band.

Cowboy Poet Tom King - from Sundre, Alberta
Alberta Cowboy Poet Tom King had
the whole place in stitches in 2004!


Held in the Watch Lake Community Hall

Put on your boots, pull down your hat, and join in on the fun September 13th, 2014
when we round up the steaks and the entertainment for you to enjoy!

Here's what took place in 2014!

Leslie Ross
Leslie Ross


Jason Ruscheinsky
Jason Ruscheinsky


Hugh McLennan
Hugh McLennan

The entertainment line-up for this year includes past favorites;
The voice of the Spirit of the West Hugh McLennan, Leslie Ross will make another return appearence, and she will bring along 19 year old Jason Ruscheinsky. We don't usually bring performers back for a second year as we try to have new faces each year, however, these entertainers always go over so well that we have asked them to return this year! We're also hoping to see a guest appearence, although he won't be able to play guitar, from Ernie Doyle ... we're hoping we can encoutage him to sing a couple of our favourites! All in all this promises to be another super, fun, and enjoyable evening! In fact we're already getting orders for tickets!

This fun annual event includes a big juicy steak off the bar-b-que, with all the trimmin's! From 5:00 pm on, you can enjoy the western/cowboy music and cowboy poetry! We line up some of the best western entertainers from around the country and have them performing before, during, and after dinner. The night then tends to liven up a bit as the musicians start playing more and more favorites that everyone can dance to!
Don't forget to check out Bessy and the Bovine Bingo!

Cariboo Country Night

A review from September 11th at Watch Lake by Mark McMillan

It was the 11th annual Cariboo Country Night and one of the best yet. The feed back was super and seemed to come from folks all night long. The evening started off in cowboy concert style with the entertainers each doing a set. The BBQ Dinner followed and then each performer did a final set. This led into an on stage jam session that had the dance floor packed for the rest of the night!

click to enlarge
Ed Wahl was a big hit at the 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
Ed Wahl

The doors opened at 4:30 and when Ed Wahl started the first set at 5:00 the place was getting pretty full. It wasn't sold out this year but there wasn't a lot of seats left over either. Some of you Festival goers will remember Ed from the last couple of years when he was in the Country 103 Rising Star Showcase. When Kathy had told me that she had been swamped in the General Store by people asking for Ed's CD I decided he'd be one of our future peformers - and that proved to be a good decision as the crowd loved him! His sets consisted of (pretty much) cowboy songs and he told the audience how he had in the past always sung country music and that the more cowboy tunes he learned the more he liked the cowboy music.

The second performer on stage was not only a new face to Cariboo Country Night but also to the stage in general as she had never performed in public before. Barbara Stepney's name was given to me by a friend who knew her from Ace High Resort at Watch Lake, and had heard her sing. I listned to her CD and immediately knew that she would fit in - and she did. The crowd loved her and her upbeat, self written, country songs.

Ernie Doyle hit the stage next, and for the 11th time as he has never missed a Cariboo Country Night. He plays the favorites and the audience is constantly yelling out song names that they know he sings - good old country songs like Lucielle, the Gambler, Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys ... and the audience sang along to each and every song Ernie sang. Ernie's poweful big boomin' voice filled the little log Community Hall at Watch Lake and I'm sure the range cattle were starting to head home, too, to take in the music.

click to enlarge
Ernie Doyle is always a crowd pleaser at Cariboo Country Night
Ernie Doyle

I once again had the honour of being the evening MC and because of last year's responce to a game we played, decided we should play it again this year. It's a classic country music quiz that gets everyone involved trying to guess the name of the song that I had picked and was giving out clues for. When a person got the right answer their table got a number and it was these numbers that were used for the order in which tables went off to get their big juicy Save-On-Foods donated steaks! It was a lot of fun and I'm sure we'll be playing it again next year.

click to enlarge
Laura Kelsey at the 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
Laura Kelsey

The second set started while folks tied into their deserts. Barbara was first up and Ernie followed, both capturing the full attention of the audience. The next performer was gsl that was not in the first set, but was at last year's event. She was a contender in last year's South Cariboo Idol competition and came away with third place prize money, and this year second place! Her energy and bubbliness on stage are what makes makes her a great entertainer, and her voice is unbelievable - she must weigh less than 100 pounds soaking wet and yet sings with the power of a 200 pound opry singer! Her name is Laura Kelsey and I'm sure we'll have her back next year!

Ed took the stage again after Laura and sang another super set with the audience soaking up every word and every note. After about 20 minutes he took a short break while the centre tables were cleared away leaving an open dance floor.

Ernie joined Ed then, and they proceeded to work together for the first time ever. The very first song they sang together had the dance floor absolutely packed and it never slowed down much for the rest of the night. Barbara joined them at one point for a couple of songs and was well receieved. Laura came back on stage and with Ernie's back up guitar and Ed's harmony wowed the crowd once more ... she and Ed even did a couple of duets which was amazing as they had never practiced together. They played the parts of June and Johnny and had the dance floor packed to "Jackson".

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The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
The dance floor

click to enlarge
The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
Laura & Ed

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The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
The dance floor

So a big hats off to the Watch Lake / Green Lake Resort Guest Ranch and Business Association for putting on another great Cariboo Country Night. It seemed to have been enjoyed by all, especially the two people that split the Bovine Bingo winnings to take home some cash - $232.50 each! Keep an eye open here for details on next years Cariboo Country Night.

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The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
Laura & Ed

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The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night

click to enlarge
The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night
Ernie, Laura & Ed

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